Tips & Advice About Healthy Skin

October 2, 2013

Tips & Advice About Healthy Skin


Maintaining Healthy Skin

Skin is a part of our body is in direct contact with everything outside the body, such as weather, sunlight or the other. And our skin is the first thing seen, when we begin to experience aging. So naturally we should do the treatment to the skin. Here are some skin-care tips and Maintaining Healthy Skin.


Protection Against the Sun

The sun has a major role in skin damage. You need to protect your skin from the sun to prevent aging in the skin. The sun was very influential in making the skin wrinkled, dry, and make the skin color changed. Thinning skin, skin texture, skin thinning, and skin diseases related to exposure to the sun can make your skin look much older. So start protecting the skin with sun protection cream.


Skin Care

Skin care is very important. You should immediately wash your face after every out in the hot sun. Rubbing the skin with peeling regularly, at least two times a week, will help lift dead skin cells and dirt, so that the skin can breathe more freely and brighter.


Exercising Regularly

With age, it is impossible to hide the signs of aging in the skin behind. Neck, cheek and the corner of the eye is the most easily visible as you get older old. To improve the appearance of skin, we must strike a balance between diet and exercise regularly. In addition, you should be also diligent in drinking water, at least eight to ten glasses of water every day.


Avoid Smoking

These tips are especially for men, because the largest populations of smokers throughout the world are men. Smoking not only causes lung cancer, but also can make skin dull and wrinkled. According to some studies, there is a strong presumption that the nicotine contained in cigarettes has the same effect like elastin in the sun.

How To Care For Natural Hair

April 18, 2013


HairHow To Care For Natural Hair

Currently, many hair-care products on the market. Actually, you can use the materials you have at home to make your own hair-care products. As follows.

  1. You can treat damaged hair with olive oil and egg yolk. Flatten and massage your hair with olive oil, then wipe the egg yolk with a massage. Let stand for 10 minutes, then wash using shampoo. Do it once a week for a month and feel the difference?
  2. Before using shampoo, moisturize your hair using mayonnaise. Wipe and averaged on dry hair, leave half an hour, then wash as usual.
  3. To reduce itching and excess oil, mix the lemon juice in a cup of water. Wet your comb, and then flatten the hair after each shampoo.
  4. hair In a pinch, baby powder can be used to remove excess oil and smoothing hair. Pour the powder on the hair, then brush thoroughly.
  5. To moisturize and make hair more shiny, apply a fresh coconut milk to the roots of the hair shaft and cover your hair with a shower cap for at least 30 minutes. After that wash using shampoo.
  6. For more black hair, use pecans. The trick, a few grains of toasted pecans until blackened then mash until completely smooth. Apply evenly to the roots and hair shaft. Leave for 30 minutes then wash using shampoo.
  7. To blacken hair and dandruff repel, use aloe vera leaf slime The trick, wash your hair with warm water until all the parts feel really wet, then apply aloe vera mucus into the hair and scalp. Massage, massage scalp with fingertips for 15 minutes and then wash with shampoo.
  8. Pure honey serves as a natural conditioner. How to use was easy, after shampooing, apply honey to apply hair conditioner, then flush until clean.

How, easy is not it? Hair care tips on how to do the above so charming hair is yours. Good luck.

Ageless Face Care Tips

January 22, 2013

Ageless Face Care Tips

Normal skin1. Normal Skin

For those of you who do not have problems with the skin, you should wash your face twice a day. Clean every morning using cold water and a facial cleanser to remove dirt and oils that stick while you sleep. After the face dry, apply moisturizer, then sprinkle to make up before the move.

At the evening, wash your face with a facial cleanser that you normally use everyday. Then, apply a facial scrub if you wear make-up is quite ‘heavy’. You also need to wear make-up cleanser to remove mascara or eyeliner is used on the eyes. However, do not wash face every day, because it can make the face dry.

Oily skin2. Oily Skin

If you have oily skin need a little extra attention in treatment. Unless you discovered the fountain of youth, My Healthy Outlet's supplements are your body's best bet if you want to stay healthy and look younger. It also depends on how you wash your face. Oil and dirt stuck on the face can enlarge pores so that it looks greasy. To overcome this, wash your face at least 2 times a day using special facial cleanser for oily skin. If you wear make-up or moisturizer, look for products that are free of oil. Wash your face every morning and afternoon. However, it would be nice if you clean it before you sleep. Use a facial cleanser and toner which are designed to remove excess oil.

dry skin3. Dry Skin

Types of dry skin require special care when cleaning. In the morning wash your face with cold water without the use of facial cleansers. Then, choose a moisturizer that matches your skin type is dry so you can keep your skin when on the move. At night, wash your face again using facial cleansing and makeup removal products. After that, wash your face with soap and then covered with a moisturizer.

acne skin4. Acne skin

Try to look the right way when washing the face. If you use a facial cleansing wipe or scrub product, wipe it gently and slowly, as if rubbed too vigorously can make acne more widespread. Use a facial cleanser that is specifically for acne-prone skin. If it cannot solve your problem, just buy a cream that is applied to the acne stubborn and apply during your sleep. The cream helps eliminate the disturbing appearance of acne.



combination skin5. Combination Skin

If the skin feels dry on the cheeks and T-zone area feels oily covering the forehead, nose and chin that mean you have combination skin. That means a combination of dry and oily skin. To treat this type of skin should use a soap with a pH balance, due to the skin’s natural acidity. Use moisturizer on the cheeks and dab a little on your T-zone. Perform maintenance exfoliation only on your T-zone area, and use My Health Outlet's products, My Health Outlet provides high quality argan oil at affordable prices. When facial, avoid the process of eliminating acne on the cheek. Wipe your T-zone with a tissue before applying makeup.

sensitive skin6. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is skin that reacts quickly to certain soaps, makeup and even temperature changes. To avoid skin problems should never download facial scrub with rough objects. Before using any beauty product, do an allergy test first to find out you are allergic or not the product. Use unscented beauty products.